Our founder, Segun Akinwoleola, grew up in East London back in the days when it wasn’t as cool as it is now. Gangs, riots and poverty dominated everyday life, but there was one place where he and his friends could always have fun…the Gym!
It is the enjoyment he experienced at the gym that has influenced Segun’s decision to go back to his roots. Having worked in FMCG for some major global companies he has become more aware of the role good food and nutrition plays in a balanced fitness regime, so he felt it was now the right time to launch The Gym Kitchen and to share his passion with you.
The Gym Kitchen provides high protein, macro-counted for health conscious on-the-go individuals living and working in today’s ever more fast-paced society.
Fuelled by his passion for change, Segun’s The Gym Kitchen range of food products and fitness advice will help set you apart from the rest.