How many times should you work out in a week?

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The truth is there is no set answer for any individual, you have athletes that train between 5-7 days a week, whether this is heavy or light and then you have non-athletes that can train once a week or even once a month and ‘look’ healthy.


The reason I say they ‘look’ healthy is because an individual can look great on the outside but still be unhealthy.


When answering the question how many times you should work out per week we have a few observations below:

  1. What you eat?

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Did you know that what you eat is more important than how many times you work out, we stick by the motto 70% nutrition and 30% exercise meaning that the majority of time should be spent ensuring you are eating towards your goal? If you spend 6 days a week in the gym but eat terribly for breakfast, lunch and dinner it will be very hard to achieve your goal.


  1. What your goal is?


It is also about defining what your goal is, do you want to get lean, bulk up, tone up. The reason we ask this is because this will define how many times you need to do a specific workout for the goal, an example could be if you want to lose weight going running three times a week will help significantly versus once a week.


  1. How badly do you want it?


Now you’ve got to think about how badly you want to achieve your goal, does it bug you to breaking point or is it a passing goal, like a moment in time where someone else is looking good and you feel bad or do you have a deeper reasoning. For me personally The Gym has been like a second home to me a place where I spent a lot of time with friends when I was younger.


  1. Pick something you enjoy

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A lot of people think that the gym is the only way to achieve your fitness goals whereas there are a number of sporting activities that are a lot more fun and you can enjoy the same amount of calorie burning. This way you’ll do the sport once or twice a week and have fun doing it.


  1. Do your work life commitments allow it


Don’t get bogged down with thinking you need to be exercising at a specific venue as the time you have simply won’t allow that to happen, instead think about whether you can ride to work, or walk two stations instead of taking the train or even walk to work. It’s the small steps that count to bigger goals.

Get to working out!

Segun Akinwoleola

The Gym Kitchen



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