The Gym Kitchen One-Pan Garlic Butter Salmon & Veg

Heres what you’ll need.

1 cup of melted Low Fat Butter

1 tablespoon of Chopped Garlic

1 teaspoon of Black Pepper ½ a Lemon

2 Salmon Fillets

2 cups of Chopped Broccoli

1 tablespoon of Olive Oil



Heres how you’ll do it!

1. Combine the butter with the garlic, black pepper and squeezed lemon

2. On a baking tray place down two salmon fillets

3. Add the broccoli to the baking tray on both sides of the salmon

4. Sprinkle the garlic butter mix over the salmon and broccoli

5. Add the olive oil onto the broccoli to add taste

6. Cook in the over for 18mins on gas mark 5/ 180c

7. Serve… YUMMM