Using the park to workout!

Quick park workout using equipment

When I put this workout together I thought anyone that does it has to be extremely brave as it is hard work, but you feel it afterwards which is always a good thing.


  • 3x 8 reps Abs on the swings


Keep your legs in a glide yourself gently.


  • 3x 8 reps steps on the bench


Step up onto the bench then step up with the second leg before stepping back down, alternate the starting leg.


  • 3×8 reps Jumps on the bench


Be controlled in the jump and remember to bend knees.


  • 3×8 reps Triceps in the play area


This is pretty tricky and it great because it requires the ultimate control keep your hands in one position and go down as far as you can before be pulling yourself back up.

  • 3x 8 reps Triceps on the bench


  • 3x 8 reps Pull ups

Not all parks will have this set up but you can use the top of the swings (if you can reach it) simple exercise pull straight up to your chin

  • 3×8 reps Cardio jump sets on the step’s


  • 3x 8 reps Leg raises off the bench