Park workout, no equipment needed

Quick park workout without any equipment


This is a really quick workout that you could easily do before or after a jog in the park. You can make it as long or as shout as you want but here is my recommendation.


If you don’t like grass then you may want to take a yoga mat with you as you could get messy.


  • Sets 10 reps: walking lunges with arms raised


I love this exercise as it works out your hamstrings, glutes, quads and inner thigh, if done correctly it can also help to develop lower body strength.




  • Sets 10 reps: Jump Squats


Jump squats are the ultimate toner for glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings. If you have some portable weights it would make it harder for you in turn making it better for you!




  • Sets 10 reps: Press-ups


Press-ups are a great full body workout as they help with the whole top half of the body.




  • Sets Bear Crawl 10 times each set


The bear crawl helps to strengthen your arms, chest and shoulders while also improving on endurance.


30 seconds – 1 min rest in between sets, for the ultimate fat burn go without any rest between sets.


Let me know how it goes!