About Us

Hi I'm Segun, the founder of The Gym Kitchen!

I grew up in East London back in the days when it wasn’t as cool as it is now. Gangs, riots and poverty dominated everyday life, but there was one place where me and my friends could always have fun…the Gym! I carried this enjoyment into my adult life, and it's that passion that inspired me to go back to my roots and begin this journey.

The story of The Gym Kitchen dates back to 2016, when I found myself standing in front of a ready meal fixture, only to be disappointed by the lack of healthy options available. Frustrated by the limited choices, I decided to create a brand that would fill this gap in the market and resonate with an everyday gym-goer, like myself.

I set about designing meals that are macro-counted, high in protein, lower in calories, and most importantly taste really good.

Our ranges are now available in Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Co-Op, Morrisons, and Ocado, and in Dunnes stores in Ireland. We have ranges across multiple categories within supermarkets - from chilled to frozen and cupboard essentials.

Beyond the supermarket shelves, The Gym Kitchen has fostered a supportive and health-focused community of individuals who share our passion for fitness and delicious food.

I plan to continue serving this dedicated community by creating more and more healthy solutions that never compromise on flavour!

-Segun Akinwoleola